Welcome To: ChristianSexDeception.com

One thing about this website I'd like to make completely clear up front, is that sexual relations is only honored by God within the confines of marriage which will be proven with scripture. With that being said, much of the rest of the content on this site is contrary to the traditional teachings of the church. It could very well anger, perhaps completely disgust some people. But we have to put aside our preconceived beliefs and listen to what God is telling us in his Word, not what everyone else may be saying and doing.

The church has been passing down false doctrine from generation to generation in regards to many subject matters. The subject of sex is no different. Sex has forever been a mystery to mankind in regards to its relationship with God and how God views it. Most people don't take it upon themselves to dig deeper into the scriptures and find the treasures within it. They happily accept the doctrines passed down to them. If that is you this is not the website for you. Please feel free to comment in the comments section and voice your pleasure or displeasure with the content. But let's agree that the Bible is our final authority on all matters.

Now let's look at the topics below. I encourage you NOT to skip ahead and to read the following links in the order they are presented as we must build upon a solid foundation before we ultimately form our theology.

Asceticism: Adding To God's Word - There was a growing cancer even within the 1st century church of those that added to God's word burdensome rules of men. This made the appearance of holiness and purity, but Paul condemned this vehemently. How did this effect our view and doctrines concerning sexual issues?

The BIBLICAL Definition Of Sexual Immorality - A lot of confusion and false teachings are a result of not letting the Bible define it's own words. God tells us in his law what qualifies as sexual sin. We should not add to that as the Ascetics do.

The BIBLICAL Definition Of Lust - Is lust simply looking at a woman and thinking she's hot? Is it lust when you imagine sexual fantasies in your mind? What does the Bible mean when it uses this word? 

Temptation, Desire, And Sexual Fantasy - Are these things sinful? Where is the line drawn from thoughts to sinful thoughts? God's word outlines this very clearly in the book of James. Lets take a look...

Lust Of The Flesh - Let's address a commonly used teaching that is falsely used on the subject of sexuality. And if it is wrongly used, we can't use any of these verses to form our theology on such a topic. Context, Context, Context...

Polygamy And Male Sexuality - The mystery of Polygamy is a fascinating one. God must have made a mistake or simply allowed this silliness from the patriarchs of the Bible. End of story right?

Masturbation Is Not A Sin - Amazingly almost every commentary out there declares masturbation a sin by either saying that the Bible is clear in that declaration or that the Bible doesn't talk about it, but it's still wrong. I agree that the Bible is clear. But I disagree it is a sin.

Is ALL Pornography Bad? - By understanding the true biblical teaching on the meaning of sexual immorality and lust, as well as the freedom we have to masturbate, we can now move on to how this effects one of the most polarizing topics in our world today.

Sexual Imagery In Song Of Songs - Has anybody read this book of the Bible? Wow! I can see why the Ascetics try to interpret this text as an allegory, but they are wrong to do so.

Sexual Shame And Guilt - This is the problem. Sexual shame and guilt drives people away from God. The church's teaching on sex drives people away from God. But the truth will set you free.

Moderation Vs Overindulgence/Abstinence - Most people understand overindulgence to be a faulty path. Is abstinence a viable option as some suggest? What about moderation?

The Spiritual Reality Of The Orgasm - God commonly uses the physical to teach us about the spiritual reality. What about the orgasm? Why did God create it? Was it only for procreation?

Sexual Immorality Leads To Abortion - Just how sinister and dark is the abortion industry? How does child sacrifice, witchcraft, and sexual immorality associate with abortion? And what does the Bible say?